Australian Government Portal Asks Users To Get Rid of Two-Factor Authentication

MyGov, a portal used for managing various Australian government services is asking users to turn off their two-factor verification while traveling abroad. Portal’s administrator has been advising this move to the users on twitter.

When on a trip outside Australia, users are required to change their SIM to a locally accepted SIM card and during this time if they want to access portals like MyGov they will have to swap their SIM cards on their phones so in order to avoid inconveniences  the Australian government is advising users to switch off 2 factor verification on their account.

The idea behind two-factor verification is to provide an additional layer of security to the account in case a hacker finds the username and password of an account; he will have to go through an additional layer of security by entering a security code that will only be available on user’s phone associated with the account.  

But, the portal only provides information on tax and insurance related issues. So, it’s hard to believe why anyone would need these services during holiday or even why anyone would consider opening the portal while in a foreign country.

This is really another example on how lightly online security has been taken and it’s not a private sector business that is opening doors for the hacker, it’s the government itself which is inviting hackers to come in.

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