Australian Security Intelligence Organisation website hacked, blueprints stolen allegedly by Chinese Hackers

Australian-Security -Intelligence -Organisation- website- hacked, -blueprints -stolen -allegedly- by- -Chinese- -Hackers
The Australian Security intelligence Organization (ASIO) ( has been hacked by the IP address belonging to People’s Republic of China founded to be incorrect and unsupported by other evidence. In the short span of time after the announcement of 2013 federal budget which counted of increasing spending on Australian Security intelligence Organization (ASIO), a program came on air at Monday night where Australian Broadcasting corporations made the allegation. 

Into the ASIO’S private computer system Chinese hacker bumped into it and stole the detailing of blueprints, the agencies now’s head quarters in Canberra. Many other Government branches including the prime minister’s office have also allegedly been infracted.

Fair fax media was told by construction workers that before entering the site they were asked to check their phones. Media person were also told that the place where the allegedly stolen buildings plan are kept are only the hard copy and a private server.

The claim was rebutted by the Australia’s prime minister saying that the report was “uncorroborated hacking allegations” further Australia’s prime minister added that she does not want to make any comments on faulty reports. The attorney general and ASIO, refused to comment.

On the accuracy of report several question up till now has been arisen from the professionals in the information and from the security industries.

While the show publicized twitter was a buzz. Many pick apart its lack of perceptiveness. The merely solid material to issue from the report was what anybody who operates in IT already knew. Some companies including some Government department fail to do the It security’s basic, from using adequate passwords (least of all changing it from the company’s default). Keeping with-it with software patches, and on public server avoids having confidential material. For Keane wrote a column.

Keane also assault the journalist unity of the report (quoting the pure statements) “Obsessed like the corporate media is about Chinese hacking, Four Corners’ Andrew Fowler didn’t understand enough about cyber security to question the narrative being fed to us by governments and companies.”

At the University of Wollongong, Information technologies researcher Katina Michael seem not at all surprised by the adverse reaction “for the word’s loose usage, most industry’s people will slap you at the back of your hand” wiki news told by Michael. Merely Asher Wolfe a news conservator says it goes further than the word’s choice.

(Quoting the pure statement) “The perception that’s played out in the mainstream media is often informed by the information and securities industry. This is problematic because the information and securities business has a lot of money to make out of presenting hackers and online threats as huge, huge, huge issues.”

For certain Michael can understand the situation of people in the computer industry.


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