Over-X hacker from Algeria has breached and defaced two official websites of AVG Technologies (avgsa.co.za) for South Africa (avgsoftware.co.zaand as a result 10,371 product keys have been leaked online.

Hacker left his deface page with few product keys of AVG anti virus and security products as a demo, along with MediaFire download link of 10,371 product keys of different anti-virus products developed by AVG.


After analyzing the leaked data, I have found a 2.33 MB SQL file with thousands of plain-text license keys of AVG Internet Security 2011 to ‘AVG Internet Security 2013 and keys of other AVG anti-virus products.

It seems that Over-X breached into the server of AVG technologies, defacing both sites and leaving with thousands of product keys online, making life miserable for AVG.

Links of hacked websites:



Mirrors of hacked websites:



Leaked product keys are available on MediaFire.

At the time of publishing this article, both websites were restored and working online.


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