Bangladesh Stock Market Hacked By Teamgreyhat

Newly raised “Hacktivists” of India’s Teamgreyhat have scored a major hit on the on going Cyber war between Bangladesh and India by hacking Bangladesh Stock Exchange website along with several other major financial sites of the country, including the official sites of the Bangladesh Corporate & Business Sector.

Hackers have also leaked the database on Mediafire along with a password.

Apparently,Teamgreyhat has deleted the whole database of  Bangladesh Stock Market website and uploaded their deface page. Hackers have also released a message for public on Pastebin.

  • Hacked Sites:-
  • Bangladesh Stock Market Official Sites
  • Enjoy the full database of Bangladesh Stock Market
  • Password:-  TGH
  • Bangladesh Corporate & Business Sector:-
  • Mirror Links:-

According to the hackers:

  • Greeting World:-
  • After seeing many drama of Cyber-War between Bangladesh & India, Finally we TGH have decided to stand against #injustice like earlier we have done for #ACTA #censorship. TGH has been requested many times specially by our Indian brothers to stand for India in that cyber-war, at last we have make our decision to stand against the cyber criminals of BD. The world have seen that what kind of damages India have faced by those bd hackers. So its time to make them fell what our beloved and fellow citizen of India has faced. So we TGH are engaging massive cyber attack and we here by declared that #targetbangadesh engaged.
  • Message to BD hackers:-
  • While gaining publicity you have done enough damage and now you have to pay for every thing.
  • …………. we promise that BD will face the biggest cyber attack they have ever seen.
  • We are here for our Indian brothers, and we will keep our promise.
  • We are TGH
  • We are Warriors
  • We are Achilles of Cyber World
  • Hackers from Bangladesh you should have expected us……
  •  Just the very beginning…………
  • we will destroy your finance sector. And this is not a denial of service attack, we have fucked your Stock Market server, penetrated security and defaced the sites.
  • “Remember, I will still be here
  • As long as you hold me, in your memory
  • Remember, when your dreams have ended
  • Time can be transcended
  • Just remember me
  • I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly,
  • It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun
  • I’m with you
  • Whenever you tell, my story
  • For I am all I’ve done


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