Bangladeshi Anti-Terrorism Rapid Action Battalion Breached, Database Leaked by Phr0zenMyst

Phr0zenMyst hacker famous for hacking Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) website and leaking 50,000 user information is back with a new hack, this time the official website of Bangladesh government’s Rapid Action Battalion ( was breached and as a result database leaked online for #OpBangladesh.

The hacker who contacted me on Twitter explained that reason for attacking Bangladeshi government is to “protest against it alleged brutality against the people, suppression of protests!  the murders, extrajudicial killings, and torture.”

Bangladeshi Anti-Terrorism, Rapid Action Battalion Breached, Database Leaked by Phr0zenMyst

Link of targeted domain:
Leaked data is available on:

It seems that data contains names, ids, emails with few passwords, ranks and locations where officials are posted along with case history against the officials.

Rapid Action Battalion or RAB is an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of Bangladesh Police constituted amending the Armed Police Battalion Ordinance, 1979. Under the command of Inspector General of Police (IGP) it consists of members of Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force, Border Guard Bangladesh and Bangladesh Ansar.

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