Bangladeshi Supreme Court & Ministry of Agriculture Websites Breached, User accounts leaked by Phr0zenMyst

The official website of Bangladeshi Supreme Court ( and National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) (, running directly under Ministry of Agriculture were breached and as a result the database along with user credentials were leaked by hacker going with the Twitter handle of @Phr0zenM.

The hacker contacted me via Twitter explained that reason for breaching these sites was to register his protest against Bangladeshi government’s allegedly planned attacks and killing of protesters. 

Bangladesh Government Supreme Court and National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) hacked, data leaked for Bangladesh Government’s brutal attacks on protestors, murder of protesters.

After analyzing the data, I can say that leak is legit and has never been posted before, it contains database details, admin details, usernames, addresses, IP addresses job ranks, descriptions and passwords in encrypted form.

The leaked data is now available on Pastebin, which can be seen on the links given below.

Two days ago, 16 people died in continuing violence in Bangladesh as a strike called over a death sentence given to an Jamat e Islami leader.

For those who don’t know Phr0zenMyst is, he is the same hacker who hacked the official website of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), leaking account details of 50,000 users for#OpWilders, against the Australian visit of anti-Islamic Dutch MP Greet Wilder.

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