Fake Be Like Bill Facebook Meme App is a Privacy Threat, May Install Malware

Experts Discover the Dangers of Using apps like ‘Be Like Bill’ Facebook Meme Generator

The immensely popular Be Like Facebook Meme generator app isn’t as harmless as it appears to be and if necessary, precautions aren’t undertaken while trying to create a meme, you could expose yourself to possible dangers.

For some while, security experts have warned meme fans about the dangers associated with internet memes but the “Be Like Bill” app has raised eyebrows more ferociously than ever before. Internet memes have always remained close to the heart of web users for numerous reasons.

The first, its meteoric popularity, which was akin to the fame garnered by Grumpy Cat a few years back. Then the well-established culture of memes on the internet and easy access to meme generators such as the Blobla.com service, which is a Vietnam based web portal and happens to be quite popular among social media fans. However, not many know that Blobla was also identified to be a risky tool for the privacy breach that is conducted.

Reportedly, when this particular website received acceptance from users, the website immediately changed its privacy terms to state:

“You will allow us to use, edit your content with our service permanently, no limit and no recover.”

The US BBB (better business bureau) responded quickly and started investigating the service’s practices, as per the report from USAToday.Though the reaction was quite exaggerated considering the site only asked people to enter their first name and gender but eventually, the site did agree to delete that specific term from its privacy regulations.

However, the problem wasn’t fixed on Blobla’s website in particular and internet memes in general. Therefore, security experts have asked users to be cautious while using any kind of meme generator app if it requires collecting your private information.

To remove an app or game that you have added to your Facebook account:

  1. Click in the top right-hand corner of Facebook and select Settings
  2. Click Apps in the left menu
  3. Hover over the app or game you’d like to remove and click x

There are hundreds of such meme generators and Facebook apps that breach your privacy and aren’t as shy as the Blobla service was while asking for your private information. Such apps or websites might need Facebook credentials and thus, the custom meme gets shared quickly on your Facebook account.

In other instances, scammers lead Facebook users to websites where they are prompted to download fake applications laced with malware.

This method might appear harmless to many and quite useful to all but do you know that this is all part of a scam and people behind this campaign only need to gather as much user data as possible under the name of meme sharing.

Therefore, as per security experts, users must avoid Be Like Bill meme generator and other such services that require entering your name and/or gender. Also, avoid downloading desktop software or mobile apps that generate this kind of meme(s) because it is highly likely that the installer is loaded with adware, Trojans, PUPS or even the mighty ransomware.

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