What are the benefits of having ‘pandemic’ software in post-coronavirus pandemic business?

What are the benefits of having ‘pandemic’ software in a post-coronavirus pandemic business?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about many new tools for businesses to use. However, it has also brought older tools back into the spotlight and tools that have blossomed with the help of extra funding. Let’s discuss the options that have come into prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Benefits of having an intranet

Intranet software was universally used well before the pandemic by institutions and companies of many kinds for communication. It has become far more popular among businesses since working from home has become a reality and has helped businesses further due to more funding.

There are numerous benefits of using an intranet, which you can read more about in this article by Simpplr. Intranets are great for businesses with teams of people who want to communicate more effectively and the access to software and files that they would have only been able to use in the office. 

Benefits of Having chatbots 

Having chatbots has helped websites massively. Machine intelligence has really advanced in the last five years, so much so it is now good enough to help give customers the feeling of receiving excellent customer service through their screen. This is great for businesses who have been forced to work solely online and whose website is the only way for them to really entice customers in.

It can be a serious problem for businesses to have a reduced number of customers, and chatbots have been a really great way to entice customers in and help them make their businesses more personable.

Benefits of digital events

Due to the fact that almost everything has been forced online, digital events have become far more popular. These are excellent for businesses. Instead of being location-specific and needing to rent out a venue, these events have changed dramatically. People can host online, which can make it cheaper and hold more people.

It also makes these events international, meaning that people do not need to leave their desks to attend. An extra benefit is that it is more inclusive to those unable to get into the event space due to disabilities

Final thoughts

There are so many benefits to using the tools that businesses invested during quarantine in a post-Coronavirus future. It promotes international, highly accessible events for businesses to build their audiences. It also allows for people to really enjoy what could be their first online shopping experience through chatbots. 

In addition to this, the use of intranets had increased more than ever before and helped increase communication, making working from home and hybrid working so much easier for so many businesses.

So much so, in fact, that some businesses have decided that it is better to work from home permanently. So, using ‘pandemic’ tools can help businesses achieve even more than they could before, which is a great thing for many.

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