BenQ Electronics China and United Nations Association in Canada Website Hacked by Hmei7


“Hmei7” The Indonesian hacker known for his high profile hacks has come up with his latest hack in which the official website of National Capital Region Branch of United Nations Association of Canada and seven sub-domains of Electronic giant BenQ have been hacked and defaced.

The hacker contacted me via Twitter explained that hacking BenQ was fun and a try to enhance his hacking skills but the United Nations Association of Canada was targeted and hacked in support of Palestine and silence of UN over Israeli occupation of Gaza.

Both UN and BenQ sites were left with different deface page and short notices, according to the message on hacked UN site, displaying an image against UN and US over Palestine-Israel issue ”Hacked by Hmei7, UNITED NATIONS got hacked!!!  Be secure, your security get down, made in Indonesia, [email protected].”

While the hacked BenQ sites were displaying a simple message ”Hacked by Hmei7… BENQ, got hacked ;) be secure, your security get down.”

Links of targeted UN website along with its mirror is available below:

BenQ electronics targeted sub-domains with their mirror are available below:

At the time of publishing this article, all websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hacker.

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