Berrien County Website Hacked by Anonymous

Hackers claiming to be a part of Anonymous group had hacked the official website of Berrien County, Michigan ( yesterday.

Hackers left a deface page along with a message on the targeted website, according to which:

“Hello visitors!” the message read in part. “We are Anonymous X-SecT V3.0, some basement skidz pretending to be l33t haxorz! We all day long and we are as ugly as a raccoon! We are the internet elite and we hacked the out of your !”

“PS: I think we forgot to use VPN at a point, and Tor exit nodes are also logged, so fedz, feel free to come and find us!,” the message continued.

The Sheriff’s Department says that the county’s webpage is controlled by an independent company. Sheriff Paul Bailey says that investigators will be looking into the incident.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored and working online.

Via: ABC 57


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