Best Cyber Security Certifications 2019

Today, Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industry. The increasing numbers of the data breaches and cyber attacks have likewise increased the need for cyber security professionals to take defensive measures against these threats.

Organizations are spending more and more on securing their data and hiring cyber security experts. They are also promoting the need to procure greater cyber security specialists to ensure their organization. Cyber security Ventures predicts that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber security occupations by 2021.

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Each IT position is likewise a cyber security position now. Each IT laborer, each innovation specialist, should be included with securing applications, data, and frameworks. With this growing demand for cyber security pros, the competition to get the job and good pay have become even more challenging.

Therefore, earning a certification in this field is an excellent way to boost your career potentials. With the right credential, you can attain your career goals seamlessly and in a fast way. Also, IT specialists with security certifications will, in general, have altogether 15% higher pay than those without them.

The year 2019 is fast approaching, and as a professional who is aiming for the career advancements, should start thinking of how to make this year a more rewarding one. One of the ways you can grow an excellent career is by investing your time and money to validate your knowledge, skills, and experience, and there is no better way to do this than to earn an IT certificate.

In this article, we have listed down the 5 best cyber security certifications you need to check out because they can be the ticket to your dream job role.

Best Cyber Security Certifications 2019

CompTIA Security+

If you’re into the field of cyber security, we assumed that you’re already aware of this certification. Since CompTIA Security+ is the main security certifications for IT experts to procure. You can get this certification only after having 1 to 2 years of experience. It builds up the core information expected of any cyber security job.

CompTIA Security+ is especially valuable for Systems Administrators, Information Security Analysts, and Network Engineers. As per Payscale the normal pay for an individual with CompTIA Security+ is around $72K. It is universally perceived and all around regarded in the business.

The experts with this certification are accepted to have higher specialized aptitudes, better understanding, and abilities to perform better security operations. anyone with the certification gets well-versed in threat management, security systems, identity management, cryptography, security infrastructure, security risk identification and mitigation, and network access control.

This certification is more respected in the industry as it is approved by the United States Department of Defense. Moreover, it is also compliant with the standard for ISO-17024.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP

The CISSP certification has high respect in the business and has long held centrality for cyber security experts since it gives comprehensive learning of cyber security issues. Also, this certification requires least of 5 years of experience. As indicated by Payscale the normal pay for a CISSP certified is around $108K.

It is intended for those experts who are extremely enthusiastic to gain maximum career growth in data security. CISSP is offered by the ISC2. The experts with CISSP are chiefs in their organizations. They have the specialized abilities and master learning expected to plan and execute strategies and approaches inside their organizations.

This certification enables the individuals with the skills of Security and Risk Management, Software Development Security, Asset Security, Security Architecture and Engineering, Security Operations, Identity, and Access Management, Security Assessment and Testing, and Communications and Network Security. Acquiring the CISSP demonstrates you have the required skills to successfully configuration, execute and deal with a top tier cyber security program.

Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH

Numerous organizations have experienced cyber attacks from hackers. These hackers are always growing better approaches to assault the data frameworks and exploit the vulnerabilities of the network. With hacking and data breaches becoming a more serious issue, the CEH certification is becoming more alluring to bosses. The certification is quite costly however it is the right approach to become an ethical hacker. Also, the pay scale for a CEH certified individual is $79,260K.

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Anyone with CEH design the solutions to recognize the vulnerabilities in the network and overcome them. CEH is a middle-level certification controlled by EC-Council and requires around 2 years of experience. CEH enables the skills like canning networks, worms and viruses, system hacking, Trojans, enumeration, social engineering, sniffers, denial-of-service attacks, session hijacking, cryptography, footprinting and reconnaissance, SQL injection, hacking web servers, penetration testing, wireless networks and web applications, evading IDS, and firewalls.

A Certified Ethical Hacker comprehends and realizes the shortcomings and weaknesses in the network and uses skills to counter the attacks.

Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP

CCSP is also offered by ISC and is becoming more popular with the passage of time and rising of cloud computing. The certification is for IT specialists with a minimum of five years of experience in the cloud computing industry. CCSP is perfect for the intermediate level individuals and experts who are engaged with IT design, data security, web and cloud security building, administration, IT inspecting, and risk management.

CCSP qualification holders are skillful in the six CCSP areas, to be specific cloud data security, architectural concepts, and design requirements, cloud application security, operations, cloud platform, and infrastructure security, and legal and compliance. The pay scale of a CCSP certified is about $80K.

Certified Information Systems Auditor – CISA

Many businesses are searching for people who have the right skills to audit, ensure, and control security, and CISA is one of the best auditing certifications. The average salary for an individual with CISA certifications is around $99K.

This cert can enhance your career growth and boost your monthly income by procuring you with skills like auditing, controlling, monitoring, and assessing IT and business networks.

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This comprises our list of the 5 best cyber security certifications that you should pursue to gain new height in your career. Although tomorrow is never promised, the future of these certifications is predicted to be stronger than ever. So, it won’t be wrong to say that these certifications are here to stay and are not leaving any soon.

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