Best performing cybersecurity companies and their recent developments

Cybersecurity companies are the backbone to fight cybercrime – Let’s dig deeper into which cybersecurity company is doing what.
Best performing cyber security companies and their recent developments

Cybersecurity companies are the backbone to fight cybercrime – Let’s dig deeper into which cybersecurity company is doing what and how.

Cybersecurity companies play a crucial role in protecting businesses from cybercriminals. Cybersecurity firms have a set of methods that can be utilized for protecting software, data, network, and other devices which are connected to the internet.

The services provided by cybersecurity companies are employed to safeguard businesses and individuals from cyberattacks that try to obtain unauthorized access to important data. In some cases, cyberattacks are used to extract money from victims. Some common types of cyberattacks include:

  •     Ransomware
  •     Malware
  •     Phishing
  •     Social engineering.

According to a study, more than $75 million is spent around the world on cybersecurity. This can largely be attributed to a surge in cyberattack incidents in the past few years. As a result, cybersecurity stocks have emerged as a front-runner in the bullish industries of the stock market.

This became especially pronounced after the pandemic when the businesses started functioning with a hybrid workforce. An increasing number of people were working from home via their computers, which presents a lot of risks as far as data security is concerned.

Online transactions have become more mainstream, and with cryptocurrency on the rise, having robust cybersecurity has become very important. In a recent interview, the CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, said that cryptocurrencies have become the new favorite targets of cybercriminals because of their rising popularity.

Given all these considerations, it would be interesting to observe which cyber security companies are performing the best in the industry. In the following section, we will review their performance, which can give you better information for trading CFDs on the price of top cybersecurity companies. 

1. Zscaler

Zscaler is a leading cyber security company that provides a cloud security platform, which has been designed on a zero-trust architecture. With this architecture, the users can access authorized services and applications safely in the cloud. T

he user experience and the security solutions provided by Zscaler are built on a distributed cloud exchange. This cloud exchange ensures access to users regardless of their location.

In September 2021, the company announced its earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter in a report. According to this report, the company had recorded a large number of deals across various sectors, and it posted a revenue of $197.1 million. This accounts for a 57% increase from last year.

In addition to this, the calculated billings growth of Zscaler was also up 70% from last year to $332.2 million. This indicates that the company is showing strong fiscal momentum. These exciting developments in Zscaler stocks (ZSC) prices may present both opportunities and risks for those looking to start trading CFDs.

2. Radware

The second name in the best performing cyber security companies of 2021 is Radware. Radware is a company that provides application delivery and cyber security solutions to businesses and individuals.

It has a number of features that users can employ for protection against cyberattacks in a range of applications. These features include Web application firewall (WAF), Distributed Denial of Service protection, and Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) technology.

The Radware stock (RDWR) has increased by more than 30% since the start of 2021. The company recently formed a partnership with Brazil-based Azion, which is leading in the world of edge computing globally. With this partnership, Radware will be able to establish its global presence and offer the Radware Bot Manager solution to Azion users.

In the world of digital transformation and increasing cyber threats, the offerings provided by Radware would help the users immensely. The future of this company seems to be quite positive, which is why it may be an interesting time for those looking to start trading CFDs to begin watching RDWR stock prices.

3. CrowdStrike Holdings

Another big name in the cybersecurity industry is CrowdStrike Holdings. The company provides cybersecurity solutions that are aided by artificial intelligence (AI). The solutions offered by the company range from endpoint security services to cloud workload management. They also provide proactive threat intelligence services.

The stock prices of CrowdStrike Holdings have skyrocketed since 2020. According to reports, the company shares have gained by almost 500% since 2020. In the recent quarter, the company revenue rose to $337.69 million, which accounted for a 69% increase from last year.

With this in mind, it can be safely assumed that the CrowdStrike offerings will be very much in demand in the coming years as well. However, since we don’t know where share prices are headed, those with an eye on trading CFDs ought to watch CrowdStrike’s performance closely.

4. Fortinet

Fortinet is another great cyber security company that has been performing especially well since last year. California-based Fortinet develops and provides cybersecurity solutions, which include a wide variety of software services, VPNs and firewalls.

Consumers are able to use these services through the Fortinet Security Fabric platform to protect themselves from all surfaces of digital attacks. Given the promising future of the company, many investors are eyeing the Fortinet (FTNT) stock.

According to recent reports, the value of the FTNT stock has already doubled this year.

Besides these, there are many other cybersecurity companies that hold a significant portion of the market cap and have emerged as good performers this year. Those include:

  • Okta
  • FireEye
  • IronNet
  • Varonis Systems
  • CyberArk Software
  • Check Point Software
  • SailPoint Technologies.

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