Best Skills Required for an Application Developer

We are living in a world, where smart devices and gadgets become a part of life like ornaments and clothing.

We are living in a world, where smart devices and gadgets become a part of life like ornaments and clothing. It looks like we are living in an advanced future that many Sci-fi movies show in their visuals. But these all did not come in a single day. Each and every advancement that today we had achieved takes lots of time, evolution and even revision to make it even better.

Every people in the world is having their own smartphone or wearables. Why? Just because it’s smart or they found that these gadgets are found more than smart enough? Yes, these smart pets are very smart and useful. Because it can entertain, predict and can perform daily chores with the help of AI like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’ Home, etc.

What makes the devices smarter? Got that? Applications! Yes, they are the part of the smart gadgets or devices whatever you hold combined with its hardware to make a device works smarter. Many peoples are out there to make an application. 

But a skillful app developer should be updated, fluent and expert in every node of application development. They need to think like the user and develop from the owner’s perspective. Because millions and millions of applications are out there on the internet, but 1% of the applications got the storm and achieve million download milestones.

Applications are becoming a part of people’s lives and they need an app for every work from listening to a song to shopping a product, surfing the internet to consulting a doctor and the list goes on. The things are the platform may vary in the future, but the evolution of the application development is moving. 

They meet new things every day and an app developer needs to be updated to current trends and technologies from server to cloud, UI to analysis, development to testing application. This will make a JEDI in the application development world.

Here I have listed the top skills are need for an application developer in the future:


Creating an application that is best for Android will miss the opportunities in the iOS market and most businesses don’t like that. So, you need the best application for the iOS platform too. Usually, companies don’t hire two developers to create an application for two platforms, nowadays a lot of skilled professionals are very fluent enough to create an application for two platforms.

If you are an app development agency or a business who is looking for an agency or a freelancer who can create applications, go with cross-platform applications. It benefits the business as well as the developers from many perspectives.


Privacy and security are a big threat now and if you want to develop an application that performs well and satisfies most needs and requirements, make sure your application is safe to the vulnerability. 

A lot of hacking news is in circulation every day, which causes a business or enterprise to lose money, data, and even their own reputation. So, an application that needs to be store business details, contents which are highly confidentially is needed to be protected from these kinds of a cybers attack. So, app developers with good cybersecurity are in demand in the market now.


IoT is becoming the next trend in connectivity and it is a much-needed skill for a developer who is in need to connect their application to other devices that are connected on the internet. This technology is in beta mode now and soon it will emerge as a big trend in the future.

Therefore, don’t dare to doubt the possibilities of IoT. It will grow and show its potential whenever and wherever it can. This skill will help the application developers to learn some new things that will change the way human works.

Development methodology 

An application developer should always plan before developing a product. If the plan meets the Agile methodology, then it will become easy for a developer to finish the project without any flaw at high efficiency.

This methodology will also help a freelancer or a team who are a part of development. It allows everyone to participate and focus on the main vision: application development.

Modern Languages

A lot of languages are out there in the programming world for the development and if you want to become a successful application developer, you need to be well-versed in multiple languages. 

Languages like Java, PHP, C++, SQL and even swift are the common languages for application development, but now Python and its framework called Django, flask and a lot more are using in this development. So, what makes an application developer more successful?

The answer is always knowing your trends and strategies of the industry.

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