Best Torrent Sites for 2021

Best Torrent Sites for 2021

Looking for reliable and best torrent sites during lockdown? Look no further.

Today we are going to discuss the best torrent sites in 2021. Before we begin, we need to clarify that we do not support the use of pirated content. We support the use of legal content that pays royalties to the creators. Also, there are legal and free online streaming sites that we advise our readers to take advantage of.

It is also illegal to download pirated content in some countries. We strictly advise you to use a VPN for accessing these sites. Furthermore, there is malware present on certain torrent sites, so there is a need to be vigilant to such files. We will not be responsible for anything you download from any of these sites.

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Now let’s take a look at the best torrent sites for 2021. These are in no particular order as any one of these can work better for a certain region and not work at all for others. Let’s get started:

  1. The Pirate Bay

We will begin by talking about which happened to be one of the oldest and most popular Torrent sites in the world. This site has seen its ups and downs, it has been blocked and shut down before, but it has always managed to rise back.

You can access over one million ready to download torrents on the pirate bay. It has torrents for every category, movies, TV shows, games, music, and whatnot. It is very easy to navigate because of its simple interface.


  1. YTS

YTS has you covered if you are a movie person. This is not the place for TV, games, or music. It has compressed torrents so that you can download a high definition movie without getting a huge data bill. You can visit the site from


  1. Zooqle

One of my personal favorites, This site is the best alternative for kickass torrents in my opinion.

The site offers over close to a thousand TV shows, over forty thousand movies, and almost every game with over three and a half million verified torrents. Its search feature is astounding and helps you find any torrent you are looking for very easily.


  1. Extra Torrents

You can access Extra Torrent from its new URL The interface is not so great, but you will most definitely find any torrent you are looking for. The good thing about extra torrent is the lack of pop up ads.

Also, the neat list of top torrents in each category helps with the browsing. Another plus point is the health of the torrents is displayed along with the list and lastly the blog that keeps the users up to date.

Extra Torrent

  1. RARBG is one of the oldest directories of torrents available on the internet. Its library is extremely vast. The organization of the top ten lists makes browsing through torrents very easy. Because of popularity, it is blocked in multiple countries, but a VPN will do the trick.


  1. 1337x

Another site with a great search feature is You can find any torrent easily on this site because of its great layout and user-friendly features. Plus, it has great security and very few ads.


  1. Torrent downloads

Like the other sites, this also has a straightforward user interface and most of its torrents are high quality. It has a very low-security risk and has a huge library of movies, shows, games, books, anime, and software available. You can access it from

torrent downloads

  1. Torrent Funk

We could never miss a site with over thirty million verified torrents. Its library includes TV shows, movies, anime, software, music, and even ebooks. It is rarely down.

You can access it from

torrent funk

  1. iDope

Sounds like a torrent site from apple but it is not. The thing I love about this site is its slogan that it never tracks its users and it is a tribute to Kickass torrents. The torrent library is vast and almost everything one wishes to find is available on this site. You can visit it using

       idope torrent

  1. Lime Torrents

Not as good as the others on this list but a good alternative if no other site is available. One good thing about this site is the community for verifying torrents. Only torrents that are approved by a certain number of users can be found on this site which improves the security a lot.

Its simple interface is also a huge plus point and a large number of seeders helps with the download speed. You can visit it from

lime torrent

Feel free and use the comment section to let us know what do you think about our list of best torrent sites.

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