BitTorrent Bashes NSA In Stunning Billboard Campaign

If you live in New York or San Francisco, you will know the importance of its billboards and strange messages mentioned on them.

Last week, the popular internet protocol BitTorrent used the billboards to bash the United State’s National Security Agency (NSA) for spying over people all over the globe. 

The important point is that BitTorrent did not reveal its identity until last Tuesday when its name was found written at the bottom of the Billboard. Until last week the billboards were displaying a message ”Your Data Should Belong To The NSA You,” without any credit.

BitTorrent Slams NSA In Stunning Billboard Campaign

BitTorrent Vice President of Marketing Matt Mason’s post on the company blog explained the motive of the project:

These statements represent an assault on freedom. They also, for the most part, represent attitudes Internet culture has accepted. Chips we’ve traded for convenience. Part of the allegiance we’ve sworn to the web’s big platforms and server farms. That’s what you get for going online.

We put these billboards up last week in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Because we wanted to remind the world what’s at stake on the world wide web.

Here are some billboard images with BitTorrent’s name:



bittorrent-bashes-nsa-in-stunning-billboard-campaign-4 bittorrent-bashes-nsa-in-stunning-billboard-campaign-3

Read more on this issue @ BitTorrent’s official blog!


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