Blizzard Suffers DDoS Attack; Servers Go Down.. AGAIN

Blizzard servers are down that’s because they are under a massive DDoS attack – Who’s behind this? it’s still unclear. 

It’s the third time this week that Gaming giant Blizzard has suffered a DDoS attack forcing its servers to go offline worldwide affecting latency/connections to their games.

Gamers trying to login to Blizzard were either blocked or saw ‘connection timeout’ message on their screens. About an hour ago, on its official Twitter handle, Blizzard acknowledged that a DDoS attack is being monitored.

On 21st September, PoodleCorp DDoSing group accepted the responsibility of targeting Blizzard servers but at this time none of the groups have claimed responsibility. However, users are not happy with the situation and tweeting back to Blizzard Customer support twitter handle:

We are keeping an eye and in case someone accepts responsibility for this attack we will update the article however don’t be surprised if PoodleCorp claims they were behind this attack. 

PoodleCorp is the same group who made their name in the news for hacking popular YouTube channels including WatchMogo, RedmercyLeafyisHereLillySingh and DDoSing servers of gaming app Pokemon GoBattle.NET, League of Legends (NA), and GTA and PlayStation Servers.


Blizzard tweeted that the DDoS attacks against network providers have ended however it’s still unclear who was behind this attack.

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