Blizzard’s World of Warcraft fans hit by phishing scam

Hackers have centered their attention towards a famous game “World of Warcraft, ” and things aren’t looking good for its fans. According to the Graham Cluley, hackers are conducting phishing attacks on gamers using two types of emails to steal their login credentials.

The viscous scheme:

Hackers are sending emails to World of Warcraft players making them believe that they have won a prize followed by a link to claim it by putting their Blizzard account credentials.

The items used in the email are “Battlepaw” an in-game pet, and a flying mount called “Mystic Runesaber.” Both these items are legitimate and can be bought in the game, which makes these emails more believable, but of course, it’s all just a lie.

Once you click the email, a new window will appear asking you to enter the login details of your blizzard account, and if you do that, the hacker will receive your information, which can either be sold or used personally.

Here is a copy of the email used by the scammers:

“You are receiving this e-mail because your friend has purchased World of Warcraft In-Game Pet: Brightpaw for you as a gift!

Claim Your Gift

To claim your gift, enter your Gift Key on the Account Management. You’ll be sent to the download page afterward if needed.


Blizzard Entertainment?”

Image Credit: Graham Cluley

This would have been a perfect scam if not for the two obvious flaws in the email. First one is the suspicious looking question mark after Battle dot net, and the second one is named Blizzard Entertainment wrote at the end of the email.

Some precautions:

Like all the other phishing scams, this one also relies on the poor judgment of the recipients and to make sure that you do not fall into this trap you must be very careful when you receive an email from an unknown sender. Recipients should also scan the email address and the links provided in the email for suspicious locations.

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