Botnet Threat: Over a Million Chinese Smartphones Infected with Trojan Horse Malware

In a shocking news reported by Chinese media, the security researchers have reveled that there are more than a million smartphones in China have been infected with a deadly Trojan horse malware. The experts have referred infection of so many devices as a botnet, which has the ability to be controlled by a third party. It can be a hacker or a cyber criminal but purpose to do so is to remotely access the smartphones for credit card stealing and fraudulent transactions.


A State administrated Xinhua News Agency has reported that Trojan horse malware was first found in 2011. The affected users are using Google’s Android platforms. The users are infected by simply downloading smartphone apps on their phones via non-Google app store.

In 2011, Kingsoft Duba a security firm had found a  Android.Troj.mdk Trojan in more then 7,000 apps downloaded apps from non-Google-owned stores. The same firm believes that the Android.Troj.mdk Trojan is still very much active and enabling the growth of the botnet.

China has one of the largest mobile phone using population in the world, experiencing a huge 18% increase of mobile users then the past year.

The firm has warned users to be careful and not to download apps from un-certified store or the disaster is own its way.

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