Facebook Friendship: 13 year old boy rescued after being kidnapped by a fake Facebook friend

According to police authorities, a teenager in Karachi who was kidnapped by a fake friend on Facebook has been rescued. The kidnapped boy only aged 13 years old and was tempted by the kidnapper to meet him.

The criminal gang became his online friend and arranged for a meeting in which he was abducted for ransom last week. The gang came forward with a demand of US dollars 500,000. Though many militants and criminals in Pakistan have been involved in different kidnapping tactics but this one is an exceptional case.

According to a police report, the gang had established friendship with the boy through the use of the social media platform about a month ago.

The boy’s father is a senior official of the city’s customs department.

The police has also stated that they have utilized the track records of mobile phones to trace the kidnappers. Four kidnappers have been killed during the rescue operation while no harm was brought to the boy.

According to the news agency AFP, the mother of the kidnapped boy requested parents that they should always keep check on the social media activities of their children and she even added that they should not permit their children to make unknown friends on Facebook.


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