NSA Ruined it for US: Brazil ignores Boeing, awards Saab USD 4.5 billion fighter jet deal

Brazil recently awarded a USD 4.5 billion deal for new fighter jets to a Swedish company on Wednesday.

The deal, which was negotiated over three presidencies, was awarded to Saab, a Sweden-based organization offering products and services ranging from military defense to civil security.

There were three contenders to the deal—Chicago-based Boeing and French Dassault Aviation SA. The contract includes supply of 36 new Gripen NG fighters by 2020 to Brazil’s air force.

Brazil—US relations had soured when Brazil learnt that the NSA surveillance programs were used to spy personal communications of President Dilma Rousseff, leading to distrust.

The NSA problem ruined it for the Americans,” a Brazilian government source said on condition of anonymity.

It is left to the readers to do a cost-benefit analysis of the NSA surveillance programs, because the US government will never accept that the spying was not worth USD 4 billion.

Cisco Systems, Inc., a US based information technology service and products provide, had earlier blamed the government’s spying programs for decline in its product demands in China.

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