Brazil demands answer over Google Street View Car spying on its citizens

google-street-view-brazil-spyingBrazilian authorities have accused Google of spying over their country’s streets. According to the authorities, Google since the launch of it’s street view application have gathered a large quantity of data that can be used for spying. This is not the first time Google has been reported for such an act recently EU authorities too reported Google for such an act.

Basically, Google in order to acquire data regarding the location uses a 360-degree camera which gains all the required data for the application especially at the street level. This data includes images, length and all the important located on a particular street. Google currently covers round about 3000 cities from 39 different countries.

Brazilian authorities have asked for an explanation over all the data they have gathered during recent years and have asked them to either divulge all the data pay fines of either $43,000 a day or $450,000 maximum of the fine. Google was given time until Saturday, but, there isn’t any response from the veteran company in the world of web today.

Google earlier have denied all the allegations from the Brazilian authorities as according to them all the data gathered previously is already inaccessible. So, according to the Google all these allegation don’t have any worth. According to a statement from Google:

  • “Google respects personal privacy. All of the issues related to the collection of data in the Street View project were addressed in 2010,”

During these addressing of issues, Google paid a fine of $195,000 to German authorities on a similar sort of accusations. German authorities addressed this as one of the biggest violations in the history. Although, Google in a statement following this incident said the act was unintentional and was just a mistake of one of their individuals.

Similarly, Google was fined $7 million by U.S. court on gathering data illegally. All the data from German and U.S. incident was later removed. But, it was something which people do not expect from the market leader in the world of tech. However, it remains to be seen what outcomes this recently development Brazilian allegations on Google and privacy in the world of internet.


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