Fearing Anonymous? Government bans use of Masks in Rio de Janeiro during protests

Members of the Rio de Janeiro state voted on Tuesday (September 10th) a bill that prohibits every kind of mask, especially Guy Fawkes Anonymous masks in street protests.

Brazil-rio-bans-masks- for-protests-guyfawkesBrazilian news site Folha reports that 62 deputies present in Alerj (Legislative Assembly) voted in favor of the text presented on Thursday. Only 12 were against it. The decision was taken by the so called “symbolic vote” in which only those who are against the use of protest mark during protests were asked to raise hands.

The bill also contains rule such as informing the authorities like Police and Military Police about the event/protest at least 48 hours in advance where masks will be allowed in case of cultural calendar of the city, such as Carnival and Day of Saint John.

The governor of Rio, Sergio Cabral, who has manifested itself in favor of the law have 15 days to sanction it. Opposition members said they have not decided to come to court against the text, which they considered unconstitutional.

It seems that Brazilian government is now fearing the Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask which has become a symbol of protest, human rights and liberty online and in the real world.

The decision came up when Anonymous Brazil called people to join them for one of the biggest protest against the government in the country’s history for #OP7.


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