Brazil: São Paulo State Government’s Press Department Email Hacked by Anonymous


An Anonymous hacker going with the handle of @AnonManifest has hacked the official email account belonging to the press and communication department of São Paulo state government (Brazil) ( few hours ago.

Earlier today, some major Brazilian media houses received an email from ”[email protected]” which belongs to one of the press spokesperson of the São Paulo state government. It included a message signed by Anonymous hacker, according to which:

  • ”Your System has been Hacked! Seems that the state government of São Paulo was hacked.” 

The same hacker tweeted about the hack in following words:

  • ”Traditional media belongs to the government but the Internet belongs to us (Anonymous).”

The reason for hacking the state government email remains unknown. However, it is suspected that Anonymous hacked the email against upcoming football world cup event and alleged police brutality on protesters protesting against the event.

More to come as we have contacted the hacker to explain the exact reason of targeting São Paulo state government portal.

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