Brazilian Air Force Hospital Website Hacked and Defaced-by-Algerian hacker H3ll-dz, claiming to be a member of LulzSec Philippines

The official website of the Aeronautics Hospital of Recife (, which is part of Brazil’s Air Force, was hacked and defaced by Algerian hacker H3ll-dz, claiming to be a member of LulzSec Philippines.

Softpedia reports that hacker explained the reason for attacking Brazilian air force site was a part of OpBrazil lunched by Anonymous and LulzSec Philippines in order to send a message to the government of Brazil and those hackers who have been attacking Philippines cyber space for quite a while.

The hacker further explained that they don’t believe in any kind of cyber war not wishing for any, urging Brazilian hackers to stop attacking Philippines government websites.

A mirror of hacked website is available here.

At the time of publishing this article, the site was restored and working online.


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