Security Guards in Brazil caught spying on women with low-cut dresses [Video Added]

Twelve municipal guards in the city of Araraquara (273 km from Sao Paulo) Brazil have been suspend from their jobs of monitoring surveillance cameras after a complaint that the security camera surveillance service was used for “spying” women in low-cut dresses and dating couples.

The complaint was made on Wednesday (11th December) by Councilwoman Gabriela Palombo (PT) in the courthouse. She provided images and a video recorded from surveillance cameras as an evidence of a “great diversion of purpose.” 

Palombo was provided with the evidence video as a councilwoman, by a person who had access to the central station where all the security footage was recorded and saved.

The videos show images of the main shopping street of the city, during peak time when suddenly a woman with very low-cut blouse appeared on the street. The camera operator then started zooming her from top and bottom. An important point is that whoever was operating the cam purposely ignored the woman @ :14 second (with full cloths on) and kept his focus on the  neck and buttocks of the woman in pink blouse and shorts.

Another video shows a young couple wearing school uniform sitting in Pedro de Toledo square, close to two colleges of Araraquara. The camera, in most of the video that was released, focuses on and in between the legs of a young woman, who is lying in the lap of a guy.

In a statement, the mayor of Araraquara stated that he “condemns such conduct” and will open an inquiry to bring the culprits to justice and if the cams used for spying on women really belonged to the government or it was just some privately recorded videos.

According to the mayor, an inspection was made on Thursday (12th Dec) and no complaint similar to the material was found.

The 12 guards are tasked with other duties until the investigation is completed and point those responsible for the recordings.



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