Brian Krebs site hit with 665 Gbps DDoS attack; Largest Internet has ever seen

Brian Krebs, a security researcher and a journalist suffered a DDoS attack on his site last week — Now, it has been revealed that it was the largest DDoS attack (665 Gbps) the internet has ever seen.

Brian Krebs runs a security blog called KrebsOnSecurity. He is a cyber crime investigator who had his website attacked with 665Gbps DDoS attack. This is perhaps the biggest attack ever made in the history of cyber crime. Fortunately, though, the attack was countered by Akamai’s DDoS security that has been put on Krebs’ website.

The cause of the Onslaught

It is believed that the attackers were able to conduct such a massive DDoS attack by hacking into Internet of Things (IoT) devices that includes Smart cars, security cameras, routers with default or weak login credentials. Remember, PoodleCorp and LizardSquad DDoSing groups were also in the news for hacking IoT devices and turning them into DDoS botnet.

What is more, Akamai stated that the attack was perhaps the biggest infiltration ever encountered. Their facts were based on recent attacks made on Arbor Networks which has reported  to have been targeted severely with attacks ranging between 400 Gbps to 500 Gbps.

Before that, BBC was targeted with 600 Gbps of DDoS attack conducted by the NewWorldHackers. The attack was so powerful that BBC and all of its services went offline worldwide.

Krebs not so surprised

Given that Krebs is the one who investigates cyber criminals, it is not unusual for attackers to target him. He has been a victim of such attacks previously as well. The main suspects in this attack are two Israeli hackers who were arrested last week after Krebs exposed their DDoS attack service called vDOS.

Krebs has been a victim of digital crimes for several times in the past, last year, a Ukranian hacker sent drugs to his home and called the police for his arrest.

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