Brownsburg Schools Hacked In Response To Anti-Muhammad Movie

The video that angered the Muslim world, the video that led the killing of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens has now opened doors for hackers to attack the US based websites.

In a recent attack, the hackers have hacked into the website of Brownsburg Schools website.

Website that was hacked on Wednesday is still down for maintenance was left with messages such as:

“This breakthrough in response to the film and graphics depicting the master of the world may Allah bless him and grant him peace.”

At the bottom of the hacked webpage, red text declared, “Coming, soon you will hear voices of our swords.”

According to School officials, ”there was no threat from any hacking group for hacking the website and it was a random breach. However, they have traced the hacker and seems to be from Iraq. They said this individual has never followed up on any threats, though”.

After the killing of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens , this is the first attack on any American based website in protest of the Anti-Islamic movie directed by Israeli-American director.

At the time this article was written, the website was still down and showing Under Construction page.

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