Burger King’s Twitter account hacked, defaced into McDonalds

The official Twitter account of Burger King was hacked and later defaced into official McDonald’s account. The account has now been suspended by Twitter administrators. 

The funny hack came up few hours ago where The @BurgerKing account name was changed today to “McDonalds” and the Golden Arches’ familiar logo was added to the page, as was a message that the account had been sold to McDonald’s “because the whopper flopped.”

After defacing the Burger King page into McDonalds, the unknown hacker left a tweet for all Burger King’s followers  according to the tweet  “100,000 followers Burger King better Thumb thru da check”. 

Later Anonymous News Twitter account also posted a Tweet regarding the hack, however it is unclear if Anonymous was behind this attack. 

At the time of publishing this article, the official Burger King Twitter account was suspended and account does not exist message was displaying. 

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