Call of Duty ELITE For iPhone and iPad for Free [Download Link Available]

Call of Duty: Elite is now available for iPhone and iPad, it can be downloaded in app form, allowing you to enjoy your favorite video game anywhere you want to.


For those who don’t know what Call of Duty is, it is undoubtedly world’s best video game when it comes to First Person Shooting games. Call of Duty consist of different series, it all being on PC then to consoles and now thanks to the technology, Call of Duty:Elite is now available for  iOS devices.

Key Features:

It will be a new experience to play the game on phone but what does this app allows player to do? Below is the list of all the available features for Call of Duty: Elite.

 Look at kill and Death ratios

View your own profile

Interact with clan members

View Clan members recent and past match history including kills

Your progress and accomplished missions and much more you can dream of.

System Requirements:

Call of Duty: Elite is Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad with iOS 4.2 or up, and 3rd & 4th generation iPod touch.

These features are available for free and premium users on their iOS devices.

Rating for this app is five star, so its time to get out from your homes, get rid of computers and play Call of Duty: Elite on your smartphones, anywhere and everywhere.


Download Call of Duty: Elite via  

Note: To downloadActivision Publishing, Inc.’sCall of Duty ELITE, you need to have iTunes. Get iTunes via



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