This Camera-Covered Jacket Is Best Surveillance Tool To Record/Report Crime

Street crimes? not a problem now! With the newly designed jackets one can easily track down thieves and alert the respective authorities. During recent times, authorities in New York and London were researching a system through which they can eliminate street crimes and track down the criminals.

Reacting to this a South Korean designer “Jehee Sheen” who formerly worked for Armani has designed a jacket with cameras all over it. About 50 cameras (attached to the jacket) point to several different directions within 360 degrees axis. Whenever the person wearing the jacket finds himself in difficulty can press a button on the Raspberry Pi-controlled system.

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Once he presses the button data from all the cameras is transferred through WiFi to a remote server. The recordings possess pictures from all the directions within 360 degrees of the person’s current standing. For more in-depth look into this jacket kindly watch the videos below:

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