Computer System of Canadian Casino Hacked; Financial Data Stolen

Casino Rama is an Ontario, Canada-based casino, hotel and entertainment complex which is in the news for all the bad reasons these days. According to reports the casino has suffered a massive data breach in which personal data of its customers and staff has been stolen.

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That’s not all, the hackers are also claiming to have stolen highly sensitive data including Casino’s financial and salary records, credit collection records and social security numbers all the way back to 2004.

Reuters report suggests that Rama administration believes the hackers will leak the data online soon. It is unclear, as is usual at an early stage, how their computer systems were accessed. Additionally, they cannot confirm whether the slot machines were compromised or not. Rama has 2,500 slot machines in their casino, and if they were somehow compromised the casino will have a huge job ahead of them.

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Last year Iranian hackers wiped out hard drives and data imperative to the Las Vegas-based Sands Hotel and Casino. However, in Rama’s case the administration is positive that hackers no longer have any access to their computer systems.

Casino Rama Hotel is known for hosting events like musical concerts, boxing and MMA and have more than 3 million visitors a year. At the time of publishing this article, Casino Rama was already in touch with the Federal police and a private cyber security company for an in-depth investigation.

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It will be interesting to see if hackers will leak the data online or demand a ransom which is the most common and widely used method by hackers to get big bucks. Either way, the impact of this breach is a bad news for Casino Rama and they have got a lot to explain to their customers and investors.

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