Canadian Woman Hacker Arrested for spying on people through webcams

A Canadian woman has been arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for hacking computers, taking over their webcams and spying on people.

Police are positive that Valérie Gignac, a 27-year-old suspect is involved in hacking computers of innocent users with the help of malicious software, taking over their webcams, spy on people and loading x-rated websites.

Gignac owns a famous hacking forum with more than 35,000 members worldwide, according to the police.

At first the police denied revealing her identity, but later she was identified as Valérie Gignac from Saint-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez municipality of Quebec, Canada.

Photo of Valérie Gignac taken from a YouTube video

Gignac also blackmailed her victims, especially children by hacking their computers and loading porn websites using their browsers.

The two videos below have been taken from her YouTube channel. You can see how she used to hack computers and blackmail people by loading porn websites on their computers.

This video shows Gignac managing her hacking forum:

Gignac on her YouTube account:

The web address of her hacking forum is and police has already shut it down. However, its Google Cache is still available.


All videos associated with the hacker’s account have been removed. In fact, her channel is been deleted as well. So no more videos of her available at the moment.

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