Canadian Police Vow to Hunt Cyber Criminals and Anonymous

Will Canada’s new Cybercrime division Curb Cybercrimes and capture Anonymous?

Since the approval of Canadian Anti-Terror Bill C-51, online privacy is in question. Anonymous at the other end furious over the bill hacked Police Association of Ontario and ministry websites to mark their protest, but nothing changed and its that time of the year where Canadian authorities are going after Anonymous under the same bill.

Earlier this week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police/RCMP disclosed its newest plan to counter cyber crimes that have been on a rise constantly and affecting Canadians severely.

Between 2011 and 2013, Canadian police observed a 40% increase in cybercrime incidents around the country, from 1,300 in 2011 to 4,000 in 2013.

The incidents involved both technology-as-targets and technology-as-instruments offenses.

This undue and abrupt increment in cyber threats and cyber crimes and the effectiveness of cybercrime fighting divisions in neighboring countries compelled Canadian police officials to set up a long-term plan.

Bob Paulson, RCMP Commissioner, said:

“Cybercrime impacts Canada and Canadians in many ways, from Internet scams to attacks on government, financial and private-sector networks. The Cybercrime Strategy presents the RCMP’s plan to work collaboratively with its partners to help improve the safety and security of our country and its citizens.”

Reportedly, Canadian Police has announced to set up a dedicated cybercrime fighting unit as an important plan-of-action against online crimes.

HackRead contacted Anonymous Halifax (Facebook page) (who managed to expose the identity of the rapist of an 18-year-old in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) and asked for their views on the issue.

“After the bill, C51 Halifax Anonymous has been victim to police injustice already, unlawfully detained and one arrest at the peaceful bill c51 rally! They hit the medical marijuana community hard with raids, incarceration, harassment etc! They will have to arrest us all before we stop, and we hope they realize 2 things, you can not arrest an idea,” said Anonymous.

This new division of RCMP will be dealing with countless individuals involved in hacking private and government websites and stealing crucial trade secrets. Also, the division will collaborate with other foreign agencies for curbing the incidences of cyber crimes.

At the moment, around 30million CAD (22.5 million USD and 20.5million EUR) have been allocated by the Canadian government for a plan that will end in 2020.

By this time, the new Cybercrime fighting division will become fully operational. Initially, the department will comprise of forty IT professionals. Along with fighting fraudsters, scammers, and hackers, the division also aims at capturing Anonymous.

Dealing with Anonymous although is among the primary agendas of the new unit of RCMP but this is going to be a daunting task indeed.

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