Chinese hacker arrested for leaking information of six million people

A Chinese hacker has been arrested for leaking information of over six million people, in one of China’s biggest cyber scam ever.

Arrested hacker named as  Zeng was taken into custody on 4th February 2012, when he leaked information of six million users of the China Software Developer Network  (CSDN) , posting the leak online for free access.

According to Chinese media reports, leaked information had username, emails and clear text passwords. Leaks created a massive problem for users with same username and passwords on other platforms such as social media websites, online shopping stores and gaming forums.

Most of the leaked data was from July 2009 to July 2010 from the CSDN’s hacked server.

Hacker was arrested after he made an online post sometime in September 2010 claiming the one to hack CSDN server due to a vulnerability. He then got access to a stock brokerage system and an online recharge platform.

During the investigation, police also uncovered four other hackers


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