Chinese Woman Gives Birth in Internet Cafe, keeps on surfing Web

In an shocking news on Monday a woman from Shandong, China, gave birth to a daughter at an Internet café – and then kept on playing her online game. Now that’s some dedication.

The 24-year-old pregnant Chinese woman had an argument with her family and ran off from her home, she was waiting at the cyber-café’ for her boyfriend when this incident happened.

It was only after the other customers heard a newly born baby crying on the Internet cafe’s floor, she was quickly offered warm water to clean herself but she refused and resumed with her online games.

Security camera catches the moment Xiao out of the bathroom holding the baby | Image Source: South CN

This is the beautiful baby of a thankless Internet addict mother: 

Image Source: South CN

Some stunned users wrapped the baby with a piece of cloth and called for an ambulance. The woman’s family and boyfriend reached to the hospital immediately upon hearing the news.

This is not the first time when someone with Internet addiction created problems. In past, a South Korean father left his 28-months old baby alone at home to starve to death while he was busy playing video game in an Internet cafe.

A 32-year old man from Taiwan died while playing game in an Internet cafe for three days non-stop.

We think this mother is worse than any cyber criminal out there waiting for steal and harm people. That’s why this article is going straight to our Cyber Crime category.

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