A Hack Lets You View map of Wherever Facebook knows you, your folks have been

Summary: A new Google Chrome extension has been identified by The Next Web with which you can check out a personal map of every location Facebook knows that you and your folks have been to.

This is done by using the location data that usually is attached to your chats on Facebook Messenger.

With the help of a clever Google Chrome extension, you can discover the various locations you and your friends have been to via a Map provided by Facebook. This map hack is so precise that it even shows wherever you or your friends have been while chatting with each other within a meter. This is achieved by using the location data that gets attached to your Facebook messenger conversations.

Image Source: Aran Khanna

This new extension has been developed by Aran Khanna, a student developer and hopefully Facebook intern in future. The hack is dubbed Marauders Map, which is the name of the magical map that showed the location of students of Hogwarts in “Harry Potter.”

You don’t need to worry at all because this hack and the extension are completely legal.

Only the locations which were identified by Facebook during conversations between you and your folks are revealed by the Marauders Map since the location sharing feature is often enabled by default, according to Khanna’s blog post.

To view the map you need to set Google Chrome as your default web browser and then visit the Chrome Web Store. Download the Marauders map extension for free. After installing you need to authorize the extension to retrieve the data from Facebook. To view all your previous conversations you can visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/messages/

Image Source: Aran Khanna

Now, just make sure that you have fully expanded your browser’s window because you will now notice a blue box on which a map will pop up in the left most lower corner of your screen. Tiny chat bubbles will be representing you and your buddies.

To view location simply click on a conversation and scroll upward to the thread’s beginning point. When you click on any of the chat bubbles you will see a detailed spiderweb of wherever you and your friends have conversed on Facebook messenger. The bubble will show the most recent location.

Image Source: Aran Khanna
Image Source: Aran Khanna
Image Source: Aran Khanna

So try this extension and see how accurate this extension is.

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