Chrome OS Will Soon Start Supporting Linux Applications

Chrome OS Will Soon Start Supporting Linux Applications

We do know that there is a deep underlying connection shared by Chrome operating system and Linux. Though Chrome OS is based on Gentoo Linux it is not possible to run traditional desktop Linux applications on it. But that has been solved with Crouton script that lets a chroot of Debian Linux or Ubuntu to set up on top of Chrome OS allowing people who could not use Chrome OS previously to use it. This is a tricky solution that requires you to activate Developer mode and it disabled a majority of other features of Chrome OS while it is enabled.

According to Android Police, the new Chromium Gerrit commit has been introduced now that is being referred to as the “New device policy to allow Linux MS on Chrome OS,” and using a designated code you can add Better Together menu in Chrome OS settings.

The new feature allows IT admins to easily turn on or off this new feature. The new feature lets users install Linux distros such as Arch Linux or Ubuntu and use other popular Linux apps on Chrome OS. Additionally, gaming lovers can run Steam given that various Chromebooks have Steam compatible hardware so this would be easy to use.

Linux containers for Chrome OS are believed to be announced at Google I/O 2018 developer conference scheduled for May 8 to 10, and most probably the new feature will be released with Chrome OS 66 due to release on April 24.

This hints upon the fact that Chrome OS will most likely be supporting Linux based applications so as to extend the range of software for Chrome as it will include open-source apps like GIMP and LibreOffice to Steam games like Rocket League and Civilization V. Users might even be able to install and use Wine in order to run Windows-based software.

Via Android Police

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