Secret UFO Reports and Flying Saucer Pictures Released By CIA

X-files fans have a reason to cheer since the existence of the extra-terrestrial has officially been endorsed by the world’s most renowned intelligence agency.

In 2014 documents leaked by Edward Snowden had UFO images which were dismissed as fake but now the internet is abuzz with the pictures of ‘flying saucers’ and UFO sightings that were being dubbed as strictly confidential so far by the CIA. In what can be termed as an unprecedented occurrence, the CIA has released secret photographs that show flying saucers and/or UFOs hovering over Great Britain.


The documents are pretty old with some dating back to the 1940s and some from the 1950s. Apparently, these secret files have peacefully rested in the American spy agency’s treasure box for so long. These images depict how the CIA conducted extensive, classified investigations on the presence of the extraterrestrials.

One of the documents released by the CIA is titled “Flying Saucers.” It was prepared in 1952 and revealed information about the 100 UFO sightings with a reasonable explanation.

As per this document:

“Less than 100 reasonably credible reports remain ‘unexplainable’ at this time. It is recommended that CIA surveillance be continued.” “It is strongly urged, however, that no reports of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public.”

The other released 10 files do not contain any solid clues to “crashed spaceships” or “alien abductions.”

According to a CIA spokesman:

“We’ve decided to highlight a few documents both sceptics and believers will find interesting.” “Below you will find five documents we think X-Files character Agent Fox Mulder would love to use to try and persuade others of the existence of extraterrestrial activity.” “We also pulled five documents we think his sceptical partner, Agent Dana Scully, could use to prove there is a scientific explanation for UFO sightings.”

However, few UFO conspiracy theorists feel that the CIA isn’t so innocent to release such important document online purposelessly.

The Paradigm Research Group’s executive director Stephen Bassett, who has been campaigning to compel the US government to “admit” that aliens do exist, claims that this release of sensitive documents is merely a face-saving exercise by the agency to manipulate public perception.

In his interview with The Mirror, Bassett stated:

“The recent postings on the CIA website could well be strategic on the part of the agency.” “It appears the CIA used the revival of the X-Files franchise as a convenient time to remind the public the agency has, in fact, engaged the extraterrestrial presence issue in the past.” “Post-disclosure the CIA will have substantial public relations issues as it has played a significant role in maintaining the truth embargo over six decades.”

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