Circuit Tattos To Revolutionise Digitally Enabled Medical Care

Tattoos are often considered to be a way of expressing individuality or as a tribute to the love ones. But, tattoos from Chaotic Moon Studios can be used as an alternative to medical applications.

These tattoos are made like a circuit board and can be fixed on arms temporarily. The tattoos have conductive inks that can easily sit on the skin.

Once fixed, the circuit board wirelessly sends signals to a smartphone app where it provides information on user’s heart rate, blood pressure and other vital aspects of the body. By the looks of it, it could be a great alternative of chest strap which can be difficult to carry for the patients.

Furthermore, for the doctors it will allow them to keep track of their patients wirelessly if they find anything worrying from the statistics they can communicate with the patient instantly. This would also reduce the number of visits the patients have to make.

In cancer treatment, doctors use radiation therapy and they fix permanent tattoos on the patient for aligning and calibrating the treatment machines. So, these new tattoos can allow patients to get rid of the treatment marks as soon as they are cured. Currently, anyone cured has permanent marks on the skin.

The above-discussed tattoos may be a breakthrough in the medical field, however, LED’s under the skin experiment in Dusseldorf, Germany can be sickening for many.

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