Clash of Kings forum Breached; 1.6 Million Users’ Accounts Stolen

Another day another hack: Clash of Kings, one of the world’s most famous games on smartphones has its forum hacked, data stolen!

An unknown hacker claimed to have hacked into the database of Clash of Kings forum and stole user accounts of 1.6 million users on July 14.

The hacker who wants to remain Anonymous shared the data with data mining company Leaked Source who further shared the data with ZDNet and reportedly the stolen data includes personal data of 1,597,717 Clash of Kings players such as usernames, Facebook data and access tokens of those players who logged into the forum using their social media accounts, email and IP addresses, device identifiers and passwords in hashed and salted form.

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The hacker also informed Leaked Source how he was able to hack such a huge forum with ease, according to the hacker Clash of Kings forum was using an old version of vBulletin dated back to 2013. The forum also didn’t have any HTTPS encryption making things easy for the attacker.

Clash of Kings is one of the world’s most popular games on Android and iOS stores with 100 million installs on Android devices, however, there has been no statement from Elex, a China-based company and developers of Clash of Kings game nor there has been any tweet about the hack, in fact, the company is celebrating its two years of success.

The latest breach shows there is no stop to such attacks and how the gaming industry is one of the most vulnerable targets for hackers. Just a couple of months ago Lifeboat, a platform that provides gamers with an option to run servers for playing customized and multiplayer version of Minecraft was hacked and login details of seven million users were stolen.

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That’s not all, Steam users have also been under constant threat with RATs and malware scams. Though one can avoid such scams with a little bit of research but when it comes to large-scale data breaches like this the users can’t do anything whatsoever. So, in case you are running an online forum with an outdated vBulletin version do yourself and others a favor by upgrading it and putting proper security measures.

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