Cloudflare Launches Android and iOS version of DNS Service

Download the app and toggle on it to generate a VPN profile that will automatically reroute the DNS traffic using the DNS servers.

On April 1, 2018, Cloudflare and APNIC launched the public DNS service to speed up the searching process for web addresses faster and more secure. It is basically a DNS server that offers better look-up speed and comprehensive user privacy. Privacy advocates regard it as a successful new service despite after Cloudflare mistaking it for a DDoS attack.

Now, Cloudflare has released the iOS and Android version of the same service to let mobile phone users enjoy the same features. Dubbed as app; the new application can be downloaded from the respective app stores of Android and iOS platforms. To use this service, users need to modify the preferred DNS servers on their local internet connections and change the settings supplied by their ISP with Cloudflare’s IP address.

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Mobile device found it difficult to switch to before because changing DNS settings isn’t as easy on mobile phones as it is on PCs. However, now that the mobile version of has been released, they can enable the service easily. The process is quite simple as you need to download the app and toggle on it to generate a VPN profile that will automatically reroute the DNS traffic using the DNS servers.

The service is commonly used by journalists and activists for bypassing blocklists in tyrannical regimes while users can benefit from it by considerably improving their daily internet usage experience.

Another benefit of funneling DNS traffic via the DNS server of Cloudflare is that it prevents ISPs from monitoring the DNS logs. However, you cannot solely rely upon as your main DNS service and other steps would be needed to hide traffic from ISPs like an encrypted VPN. Alternately, you can ensure that the websites you are trying to access support HTTPS.

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Cloudflare has used its extensive network infrastructure to make domain name lookups faster and private by not logging IP addresses to disk while all the transaction logs are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Users have identified several issues with the new service though. Such as there are complaints that the Android app asks for permission to record the conversation from the phone’s microphone, and access to USB storage and photos. Cloudflare claims that this permission is required only to generate bug reports.

You can install’s Android app by following this link to Google Play Store and this link for iOS App Store.

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