CNN International Breached, Accounts Leaked, Claims to Post Fake Article By @Reckz0r


A hacker going with the Twitter handle of @Reckz0r has claimed to hack the official website of CNN’s International Edition website ( for posting fake news and taking Israeli side on the Israel-Palestine issue.

CyberWarNews reports that hacker announced the hack on his Twitter account, claiming to have hacked CNN International, accessing official accounts and posting four fake articles on the site which CWN could not found at the time of writing. The leak was uploaded on a Pastebin link with the site’s data base along with a message.


  • Sup? It’s been a long fuckin’ time, my friends, Today. I shall show you that silence is golden when you’re trying to tap into more systems, and leak more crap.

  • My target was ‘CNN’. “Why?”, you must say? because they’re a bunch of fucking faggots trying to spread false news, your 9/11 is our 24/7. I strongly respect the Palestinian brotherhood, and it seems like CNN is on Israel’s side. and you do know one thing; “Whenever you see somebody supporting CNN, pwn him at sight.”

  • Their systems are poorly-misconfigured, just like how NASA’s DIRS is full of crap. CNN is no different from them, anyway. nuff’ talkin’ – Let the good ol’ show begin.

  • PUZZLE: I wrote 4 fake articles on, if you can guess what articles are those, I shall give you a crown, plus full-backup of CNN<3

Leaked data contains database, 9 usernames and their passwords in encrypted form, now available here, yet the claim of 4 fake articles couldn’t be verified nor found anywhere.

If the hacker or our friend from CWN came up with a verification, I would update readers with it straightaway.

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