Colombian Municipal Government website hacked and defaced by bu1d0s3r – KALIMNDOR TEAM

Colombian Municipal Government website has been hacked and defaced by bu1d0s3r of KALIMNDOR TEAM. According to an announcement by KALIMNDOR TEAM via their twitter account the hacking team revealed the hack.

 Website basically belongs to Colombian government’s Cesar Department  is a department of Colombia located in the north of the country in the Caribbean region, bordering to the north with the Department of La Guajira, to the west with the Department of Magdalena and Department of Bolivar, to the south with Department of Santander, to the west with the Department of North Santander, and to the east with the country of Venezuela (Zulia State). The department capital city is Valledupar.

Targeted website:

Zone-H Mirror:

The website was down when this article was written and the deface page uploaded by hackers was up on the website.

KALIMNDOR TEAM have hacked many government owned websites from different countries in past few months, complete stat of KALIMNDOR TEAM’s team can be seen on Zone-h Stats.

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