Cop Exploited iPhone App to Secretly Watch Mom Breastfeeding

If you are using baby monitor this alert is for you — Thanks to Find my iPhone feature as well!

Baby monitors have been in trouble lately and this new incident has re-established the fact that one needs to be very careful while using these devices. — In the latest occurring, a cop has been accused of virtually sneaking into the private moments of a mother and her infant while she was busy breastfeeding her newborn.

In this latest incident, a lawsuit has been filed against a Hazel park, LA-based police officer Michael Emmi for allegedly monitoring (using a confiscated iPhone) a nude mother breastfeeding her baby. The phone was the property of the mother Megan Pearce’s fiancé. Pearce works in another city as a police dispatcher. Emmi had confiscated the iPhone as a form of evidence in a case against Pearce’s fiancé when he was arrested by the cop on drug charges.

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As per the filed lawsuit against Emmi, the officer took the phone with him to his home and then paired a Nest Cam with it, which the couple was using as a baby monitor. This way, Emmi was able to view and hear everything that the cam could show. When paired with the device, the Nest Cam starts blinking green. When Pearce noticed this green light, she became alerted and immediately turned in the Find My iPhone feature of the phone to identify its location, which turned out to be the residence of the accused officer.

According to the Police Chief of Hazel Park Police Department, Martin Barner, no internal investigation would be conducted against Emmi because the officer previously has been involved in two lawsuits one in 2010 for performing search without warrant and then again in 2011 for using a taser gun on a mentally challenged person while he was under restraint. Emmi was acquitted in the first case but the second one is still awaiting a decision. Now he is involved in a third lawsuit. 

This is not the first the when Find My iPhone app has protected someone from trouble. In February 2016, an ex-boyfriend kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and attempted to take her out from of Pennsylvania however, both were tracked thanks to a quick message that the victim was able to send to her mother about her abduction. The mother used the Find my iPhone app and traced her daughter’s location. Later, her daughter was found in a car 150 miles east of Pittsburgh, in Milesburg.

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The app has several utilities and is extremely useful in case of kidnapping or to locate your missing phone. To enable this service, you need to:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Sign into your Apple account
  • Now, turn on Find My iPhone

Click here to learn how to locate your lost Android phone using Google search and keep checking for more news! 

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