Couple in China ‘Sell’ Their Baby Daughter to Buy iPhone

A couple in Shanghai city of China is facing criminal charges for selling their infant daughter on an online forum in order to buy an iPhone. 

The couple is facing charges for human trafficking after putting their child online for adoption and accepting money to buy newly released iPhone.

The investigators have found out that mother of the child sold her kid, accepted the money and bought iPhone along with high-end sports shoes.

However, the parents are claiming that the only reason for selling their kid was to give her a better life and proper upbringing as they already have two kids and can’t afford expenses of their third child.

  • “Giving away the child was not for obtaining benefits, but giving the child better guarantees.” 

The amount in which the couple sold their child was not mentioned, but their online posting shows a bid for 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan ($4,900 and $8,200).

Apple company products are very popular in China and people are ready to sacrifice anything in order to get hold of Apple products.  Last year a young man end up with selling his kidneys to buy iPhone and iPad.


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