FBI Arrests Two Alleged Hackers of Crackas With Attitude Group

Crackas with Attitude (CWA) hackers who made headlines for hacking high-profile government officials in the United States are feeling the wrath of law enforcement agencies – US authorities have arrested two alleged hackers of the group.

According to the Department of Homeland Justice the hackers, who have been identified as Justin Gray Liverman and Andrew Otto Boggs, were arrested Thursday and charged with hacking into top US government officials and computer system.

They are both California residents and authorities believe they played a vital role in Crackas with Attitude hacking group. According to an affidavit by FBI’s special agent BJ Kang they allege both hackers and other members of targeting personal Internet accounts of senior U.S. Government officials.

The affidavit also reveals that CWA hackers stole a trove of personal data of several officials and posted it online for the purpose of harassing the victims.

There are three more members of CWA group who are suspected to be living in the United Kingdom where local authorities are already conducting investigations. The ages of all 5 hackers are Andrew Otto Boggs 22-years-old, Justin Gray Liverman 24-years-old, Cracka 17-year-old, Derp 17-year-old and Cubed 15-year-old.


It all started in October 2015 when a twitter account going by the online handle of @_CWA_ claimed responsibility for hacking the official AOL account of CIA’s director John Brennan. At that time the group came out as a pro-Palestinian group and suspicion was that the hackers may be Middle Eastern.

The group also hacked Verizon My FiOS account of Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper and the email account of Obama’s Senior Advisor John Paul Holdren.

The group then graduated and came up with their biggest hack by hacking national Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) which has data in relation to all the arrests carried out by FBI and also holds the records from Internet Crime Complaint Center and the FBI’s Virtual Command Center.

One tweet from the hacker shows a document allegedly from the FBI database about activist and hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s arrest.

Remember, just a couple of weeks ago Gucifer hacker was sentenced to 4 years in prison for hacking Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Let’s see what is the future of these kids as they will be appearing in a federal court in Virginia next week.

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