Critical Vulnerability In Android, Could Affect 99% Of Devices Out There


When it comes to malwares, often it is android which are most affected. Often in headlines we find some malware found in the Android devices. So, it would not be shocking news for a tech-lover when I say another malware found in android. But, it will become shocking when I add the fact that 99 percent of the android devices can be affected through it. A security firm by the name of Bluebox Security has found this vulnerability in android and says it’s been around there since the launch of android 1.6. It has now reported this to Google.

The vulnerability allows the malicious app developers to change the code of legitimate APK and do the installations normally. If Modified APK plays a role of systems file then the hacker could gain control of the overall device. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most affected device through this vulnerability. Google is also working on a patch for it’s Nexus smartphone range.

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