Cyber Crimes in UAE to Increase During the Upcoming Year

Cyber crime during the year 2012 has reached to it’s heights and UAE is one of the most affected countries worldwide due to this uprise. This aspect was stated in a recent report launched by Symantec and Norton officials. According to them, UAE has been a center of a large number of spams and firms and individuals has faced a lot due to it. The shocking stat which the report the revealed was that in UAE alone the cyber crime rate rose over the mean monthly increase worldwide i.e. 73%.

Furthermore, UAE faced losses of over $422 million, which dented their economy badly. These losses were more from the ransomware, hackers sent a number of spammy malware into the UAE’s firms systems and important software and didn’t remove them until they were paid ransom for it. There was a large number of spam was being spread through social media sites and mobile apps, which we also told in the previous article on hackread. Let’s find out what furthermore the report stated. It was Symantec’s director, who broke out this report in these words:

“In 2013, we foresee a steady rise in targeted attacks towards governments, companies and individuals with financial and political motivation. In addition to traditional cybercrime, the UAE‘s high number of mobile devices per person creates a new avenue for increasingly sophisticated incidents,”

 Further he added: “On a global scale, malicious cyber attacks rose by 81% in 2011 and as this trend continues, organizations in the Middle East need to be vigilant about protecting their information.”

The report further states that during 2013, cyber conflicts would rise in numbers individuals and firms would continue to hack secret information or breach databases from their rival sites by attaching a message to it. This type of hacking has been done in numbers during 2012 and we have been covering for you all of them. Furthermore, the reports state the rise of quite a handy weapon for the hackers mobile adware. Those of you who don’t have knowledge of this type of crime, it is a spammy ad or app sent by the hacker to steal secret information inside the phone. As soon as download this sort of ad or click on ad’s link the information transfers. This type of hacking was found to be 210 percent increased during the current 2012 year. The reports a large increase in this type of hack during the upcoming year as mobile companies are more using mobile ads these days. So, people need to be vigilant about any ad they are viewing.

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