Dark web scammers selling ventilators & MP3 files to kill Coronavirus

Dark web cybercriminals now claim to get your coronavirus infection cured by listening to the MP3 files they are selling.

Dark web cybercriminals now claim to get your coronavirus infection cured by listening to the MP3 files they are selling.

A few weeks ago on HackRead.com, we saw how scammers were profiteering off the coronavirus on the dark web by offering a range of things for sale about it. Examples included fake vaccines, COVID-19 infected blood samples, and even corona based discount codes to boost up sales of generally fraudulent material.

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Now, just a day ago, in a report by two threat intelligence firms Sixgill and DarkOwl, it has been discovered that a few more items are up for sale continuing with the inhumane trend.

1- Personal protective equipment (PPE) on the dark web

The first is in the personal protective equipment (PPE) category consisting of medical masks. There are different sellers with one advertising masks from Farstar Medical, a German company.

Alongside, as seen in the picture below, alcohol sanitizers are also being offered:

2- Ventilators on the dark web

Secondly, with ventilators being in shortage globally even for first world countries like the USA, these are also being sold in multiple categories including home care ventilators, transport ventilators and those that are commonly used in hospitals such as the “Puritan Bennett 980”.

These differ by their design options and expected life span with the higher ends being classified as premium ones.

3- MP3 Files to kill Coronavirus with frequency

Thirdly, we have come across one of the most, if not the most, absurd offering. First seen on 3 April 2020, an MP3 file is being sold by someone who claims that listening to it 3-6 times a day can help kill the Coronavirus because of its frequency.


However, these aren’t the only things though to make you lose faith in humanity, as with everything, our esteemed sellers have made the utmost effort to not let us down. We say this seeing that on a dark web forum named Raddle, users were discussing how to use the pandemic to their advantage while shoplifting.

As seen, a user commented on how he was using medical masks to hide his identity. This should also potentially alert retailers and law enforcement agencies on the ground who should be on the lookout for people looking to take advantage of the situation at hand.

More information on these scams is available on reports published by Sixgill and DarkOwl.

To conclude, it is important to understand that all of these are more than likely to be fraudulent schemes, especially when nation-states with all their resources are struggling to procure essential equipment.

Even if they were legitimate in some cases, for example, the masks, buying them from such sellers would be indirectly contributing to their sales allowing them to thrive with their illegal activities.

Hence, it is recommended that everyone strictly avoids such offerings no matter how desperate the situation may seem.

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