Massive DDoS Attacks on The War Z Site Over Incomplete Game Version

Hackers furious over release of controversial online game The War Z MMO have now started conducting DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on the developer’s website ( 

The War Z  game is the world’s first survival mmo Zombie Game that was developed by Hammerpoint Interactive which got into news after releasing half version of the game. The release of incomplete version on the Steam digital distribution service, resulted as a backfire by the gamers. 

Later on, developers removed the game and allowed those fans a refund, who didn’t liked the game but the furious fans turned hackers; started DDOS attacks on the official website. 

The attack was so massive that developers were forced to discuss the issue on their official forum, according to the forum post: 

Guys over the last few days we have been under attack by various forums of malicious attempts to shut down our servers. First we were hit with an attack that would rest our DNS IP so that you could not connect. This was solved a couple days ago early in the morning but took time to actually resolve world wide once the fix went in. 

This morning we are being hit, again, with a DDOS attack on our login server. We are implementing additional DDoS protection and hope to have this resolved asap. Unfortunately with these types of attacks it is very difficult to give a good time frame of when it will be resolved.  Thank you for your continues patience.

At the time of writing this article, the developers site was up and working online.

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